Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Purely Awesome - Matt Taibbi

Matt Taibbi is so witty it hurts.

I saw Tom Friedman on The Daily Show a while ago, discussing his new book. He wowed us with the brilliant news that the USA may not the centre of the world (although he said it a little differently). I know that sounds like crazy talk, but apparently Indian techies are as smart as American techies! Good thing we have people like him to tell us these things. Mr. Taibbi wrote a rather scathing, and extremely funny review of the book here.

also: In this article, Matt discusses a poll that reveals that most Americans don't know the difference between left and right wing. The right knows this and uses it to their advantage. Quite accurately, he says the word left-wing is "more meant as an insult, to describe a fuzzy-headed refusal to accept patriotic orthodoxy, than it is to refer to a concrete set of political beliefs." ah ha! So that's why if I say "it's wrong that poor people starve while rich people play golf all day", someone invariably argues back: "why do you hate america?".

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