Thursday, August 11, 2005

Is God playing Sim City? If so, is He losing or winning?

This article: Weird Science on the Religious Right examines several anti-facts promoted by religious groups among the political right. For example, the myths about holes in condoms, abortion causing breast cancer, the effectiveness of remote prayer, the dangers of emergency contraception, and of course, about human origins.

Read the comments. Very funny. Just Some Dude says in relation to the problem of evil (why is there evil if an omnipotent, all-good higher power exists?): "Is this higher power just up in heaven playing Sim City or something?". Then smidget2k4 discusses the simcity disasters (giant alien robots). OldRedleg2 responds: "Hey, you guys have just hit on how the Rapture can be incorporated into (choke) Intelligent Design."

For even more of this sort of surreal religious weirdness, check out Rapture Letters.

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