Thursday, October 20, 2005

Bush TV conference With Soldiers Staged

"It was billed as a conversation with U.S. troops, but the questions
President Bush asked on a teleconference call Thursday were choreographed to match his goals for the war in Iraq and Saturday's vote on a new Iraqi constitution."

Not that this is new. (check PR Watch for countless other examples of reality bending) What is new is how red-handed the catching was, due largely to the newsmedia jumping all over this.

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Zafrod said...

This was a great story... one I loved proving to blow-hard social conservatives with sound clips I carry around on my iPod. =)

Still, this one is slightly less funny than last Thanksgiving, when he did a photo op passing out turkey to troops in Iraq, and it turned out the "turkey" he was carving in the photo was a plastic prop.