Wednesday, August 16, 2006

UK "Terror Plot" too Convenient

From Democracy Now!:

Meanwhile NBC News has learned that U.S. and British authorities had a significant disagreement over when to move in on the suspects of the alleged plot. A senior British official said British police were planning to continue to run surveillance for at least another week to try to obtain more evidence, while American officials pressured them to arrest the suspects sooner. The British official suggested the attack was not imminent, saying the suspects had not yet purchased any airline tickets. Some did not even have passports.

More Detail from Craig Murray:

In the absence of bombs and airline tickets, and in many cases passports, it could be pretty difficult to convince a jury beyond reasonable doubt that individuals intended to go through with suicide bombings, whatever rash stuff they may have bragged in internet chat rooms.

(Thanks to Left I on the News)

Even if it was a real and dire threat, Pierre Tristam puts it in perspective:

Terrorism is by definition a spectacular one-time event, sometimes serialized, always limited by its very strength: it’s only as effective as its intended target permit it to be. Short of nuclear weapons in the hands of terrorists, the downing of planes, the suicide explosions, the hostage-taking is all as immediately disturbing as it is ultimately no more consequential than accidental tragedies that end lives in myriad other ways, but without altering democratic institutions and the constitutional functioning of society.

Ze Frank agrees.

It is not a crime to hate the US, or Israel, or to wish George Bush was dead (heck the CIA "wishes" Castro was dead) and it is terribly irresponsible to suggest everyone should be constantly afraid and give away hard-earned freedoms because "they" hate "us". Who's instilling the terror in the population? Is it the terrorists or is it the governments and media (because "be afraid" sells more papers than "go about your business")? In whose interests is a terrorized citizenry? Don't forget the desire for order and security in a frightening, lawless world is the main reason people vote right wing.

It is simpler to think "they" are evil and hate us, than to look at the extremely complex situation. Simplification of reality is highly marketable, as it also provides a sense of security. People like the tidiness and are often willing to sacrifice the reality. As written by Buber in I and Thou:

Man's world is manifold, and his attitudes are manifold. What is manifold is often frightening because it is not neat and simple. Men prefer to forget how many possibilities are open to them.

They like to be told that there are two worlds and two ways. This is comforting because it is so tidy. Almost always one way turns out to be common and the other one is celebrated as superior.

Those who tell of two ways and praise one are recognized as prophets or great teachers. They save men from confusion and hard choices. They offer a single choice that is easy to make because those who do not take the path that is commended to them live a wretched life.

Sorry to be so long-winded today, but sometimes there's just a lot to say!

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sparkle said...

Good post. If it turns out the "terrorists" were just pikers, it'll be buried inside the newspapers. The arrest gets the big headlines, the refutation gets hidden in the MSM.