Friday, January 19, 2007

Travel & Blog Break

Going out of town. Won't be blogging for a week or so.


K-Dough said...

You, my friend, have officially been tagged in the K-Dough Real Man meme scheme. Check this for details:
K-Dough's Real Man meme scheme

Red Jenny said...

I think I'm pretty late. But quickly off the top of my head, here's some of the best qualities of modern Canadian men (and women).

1. Intelligence, because without that we walk around in circles, stopping only when we bump heads with each other. Then we all have concussions and our health care system can't handle the load. I hate it when that happens.

2. Sense of humour, both as a defense mechanism to help us through hard times, and because it feels damn good to laugh! Except when your stomach starts hurting or you pee your pants. So I'll modify that to a MODERATE sense of humour.

3. Caring & compassion, under which also falls empathy - trying to see the world through others' eyes. When we stop thinking we are the bellybutton of the universe, a natural caring for others arises. Actually, this is probably the most important, because under this lies true care for ourselves, for our fellow humans, and for the environment we live in.

A sense of justice is important, but mercy is more so. Loyalty moderated by allegiance to the truth. Mature independence (not the same as individualism), which enhances family and community.

And we all need to learn techniques for dealing with powerful emotions.

I'm not much good at math, so I don't think that's 5 things. Does it still count?