Sunday, July 20, 2008

He Really is Quite Savage

Who said this?
[W]hy was there an asthma epidemic amongst minority children? Because I'll tell you why: The children got extra welfare if they were disabled, and they got extra help in school. It was a money racket. Everyone went in and was told [fake cough], "When the nurse looks at you, you go [fake cough], "I don't know, the dust got me." See, everyone had asthma from the minority community.

The same guy who said autism is a
fraud, a racket. ... I'll tell you what autism is. In 99 percent of the cases, it's a brat who hasn't been told to cut the act out. That's what autism is. What do you mean they scream and they're silent? They don't have a father around to tell them, 'Don't act like a moron. You'll get nowhere in life. Stop acting like a putz. Straighten up. Act like a man. Don't sit there crying and screaming, idiot.'

I'd say I'm shocked, but sadly, I'm not.

From Media Matters

See for yourself:


April Reign said...

What a fucking dildo. Well actually that is an insult to something perfectly useful, which he is not.

stageleft said...

To describe Michael Savage as anything other than a Neanderthal is not to describe him properly.

I have, an admitted, talk radio addiction with a bent to the upper-right-quadrant-wingnuts south of the border and I simply can't listen to that sort of blatant stupidity -- he is, IMO, far worse than the Limbaugh's and the O'Reilly's of the world because he actually believes the crap he spouts.