Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Blame CUPE

Are you tired of blaming fate, the vagaries of nature, or God for your misfortunes? Try blaming CUPE. It's fun and easy.

Here's an example, provided by the Toronto Sun.

CUPE killed summer. That's right. Summer is dead, and CUPE perpetrated the murder.

Try it yourself. Car won't start? Blame CUPE. Weather too cold? Blame CUPE. Miss the bus? Stub your toe? Spill your coffee? You know who to blame.


Skinny Dipper said...

I blame CUPE for that b*tch, Anne Murray. Heck, if South Park can blame Anne Murray for all the problems in the world, I think I can blame CUPE for anything that Anne Murray has ever done or sung.

Actually, I do like listening to Anne Murray on the car radio.

the regina mom said...

Oh, ok. So, I can blame CUPE for the anti-union, right-wing government in Saskatchewan! Haha!

Red Jenny said...

That's the spirit!

Anonymous said...

I blame CUPE for "union GREED" - and that's a fact. Hello - the city is in financial difficulties and the country in a recession - what don't you understand about the poor taxpayers who'll have to pay for this selfish nonsense - some who have lost their jobs.

This isn't the slave era - working conditions, etc. are not bad at all.

GREED! (and yet you people pick on private corporations).

Saskboy said...

Yeah, you listen to anonymous. "Greed" is only allowed if rich people do it.

Jessica said...

I blame CUPE for my car breaking down, my boyfriend ditching me, my kitchen door literally falling off its hinges and the fact that despite being a model employee, I may have to take a pay cut the near future! Wow, I feel better already.