Thursday, July 27, 2006

In war, there are no winners

in war, there are no winners
in war, there are no winners,
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Graffiti in Jerusalem. Found originally on the Dominion Blog which led me to Orthodox Anarchist

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Sunday, July 23, 2006

A Most Amazing Interview

Listen to the first part of this podcast to hear an interview with the brother of Ted Kaczynski, the unabomber. David Kaczynski (who, despite his love for his brother, suspected he was the unabomber and notified authorities) talks about telling their mother. He said he had a moment of fear - what if she didn't love him any more after the news. Her response is one that will bring tears to your eyes. Other interesting interviews by David Freudberg.

Discovered through the amazing radio program, To The Best of Our Knowledge. (Other notable episodes include Women & Islam, Befriending your Brain, Sports and Society, Violence and Morality... and many more. Free to listen at their site.)

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Feminist Toronto: Wading into Lebanon waters

Excellent post by Feminist Toronto.

She quotes from The Great War for Civilisation: The Conquest of the Middle East by Robert Fisk.

Note that this book was written before Hezbollah kidnapped soldiers -- before Hamas became the government of Palestine.

"The same skewed semantics were applied to the July 1993 Israeli bombardment of southern Lebanon. In revenge for the killing of nine Israeli soldiers inside its occupation zone in Lebanon, Israel attacked the villages of southern Lebanon, killing more than 100 men, women and children -- and putting 300,000 refugees on the road to Beirut...And President Clinton's reaction? He blamed the Hizballah -- which killed the nine Israeli soldiers -- for all the deaths, then called on 'all sides' to exercise 'restraint'."

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Perspective on World Population

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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Combat + Sexual Trauma = I Can't Even Imagine

Trauma has complex and life-destroying consequences. If you've never been involved in something like that there's a tendency to brush it off and think severely traumatized people can simply get on with their lives, but this is ignorant and wishful thinking, as trauma shatters the self in ways that are hard to imagine. An excellent exploration of this is the well-known Trauma and Recovery: From Domestic Abuse To Political Terror by Judith Herman (Powells).

We hear of soldiers returning from Iraq with Post Traumatic Stress, but many women have the added problem of sexual abuse, assault, and rape. Sexual assault is more than a physical crime, but reaches right into a person and violates the person from within. This is not a few isolated incidents, as explained here, here, and here. If a soldier has more fear of their own than of the "enemy" there is no safety, anywhere for them - not in the barracks, not in the toilet, not even in their own heads.

Support for Suzanne Swift is incredibly important. She was jailed for going AWOL after her repeated attempts to get someone to do something about her ongoing sexual assault was ignored - she was essentially hunted by a predator, and displayed great courage trying to save herself. You can hear her mother tell the extremely moving tale on Democracy Now.

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Monday, July 03, 2006

Strangely Beautiful

by Edward Burtynsky

Strangely beautiful photos of garbage and refuse.
Recycling yards, mine tailings, quarries and refineries are all places that are outside of our normal experience, yet we partake of their output on a daily basis.
Thanks to the Magical Urbanism blog.

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