Thursday, May 08, 2008

Bigotry: it's not just for adults anymore

New! "God Hates Fags" T-shirts, now in toddler sizes.

You know what they say: if you want 'em to grow up without a shred of care or compassion for fellow human beings - start 'em early. If you want 'em to become hate-filled, rage-filled, closed-minded, we suggest you work on 'em while they're still malleable. Start with these tees, so the message burns itself into their soft, innocent hearts. Ah, the next generation of little Pat Buchanans:

These kids are going to need some serious deprogramming later in life.

Statistically speaking, some of the kids whose parents dress them in these shirts are going to be gay themselves.

Reminds me of the fact that many (some even say most) victims of homophobic violence (bullying, gay-bashing, etc) are not even gay - but are usually those who others mistakenly think are gay. This is just one reason (you know, aside from the morality aspect) that even straight folk should be concerned about homophobia. Gay bashing is about more than just punishing homosexuality; it is also a method of enforcing social conformity. Boys are punished by their peers for stretching the strictures of masculinist behaviour. Of course, those who do the enforcing don't come up with the idea on their own, but pick it up from heterosexist society, communities, churches, and parents - especially those parents who buy their kids "God Hates Fags" t-shirts.

In case you weren't aware, is a website run by Fred Phelps, leader of Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas. They're the ones who have anti-gay protests around the U.S., including at some points showing up at the funerals of gay men, and have moved on to a general "God hates America" theme, due to all our depravity. He makes Jeremiah Wright (Obama's pastor) look like a teddy bear–at least he was just saying God ought to damn America.

From the fantastic site: Sociological Images


JimBobby said...

Whooee! Their God is a hateful god? I always heard "God is Love." God hates? That's news to most Christians, I think.


Jay said...

They're just trying to grab attention due to the fact everyone ignores them because they are mentally deficient.

The problem we are facing is all these dimwits are getting together thanks to the internets ability to connect freaks on the fringe.

The thing really bothering me are the rapture films disguised as what many think are science based fiction. Waste of money and oh soooooo boring.

G. said...

Even the font on the t-shirt sends a shiver up my spine. And we wonder why our planet is in peril?

Matt Bors said...

Do they sell god hates fags thongs?

Red Jenny said...

JimBobby, you said it. God loves; people hate.

Matt - I think that must be next up for production. Right after the god hates fags diapers.