Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Carfree Times issue #50 is up

This month has some good stuff on offer. Aside from beautiful photographs of carfree places, you'll find interesting articles about carfree living like:
Expensive Gas Drives Down Suburban Housing Values
Buy a McMansion? Bad idea. But they are cheap. And probably getting cheaper. Housing prices are probably nowhere near their bottom. (There's a scary thought.) But some neighborhoods are holding value. And it's no surprise which neighborhoods. It's the ones that aren't 40 miles from work.
[...]Near the city center, people are still buying and new listings attract plenty of interest. In the city proper, prices are actually up 3.5% over the past year. Good access to public transport is especially important to buyers.

Simply put, the longer the commute, the steeper the drop in prices.

In addition to the 10 or so articles, there's an interesting interview towards the bottom - "Cars Are Driving Us Nuts: We drive ever longer distances in order to satisfy the same needs".

Check it out.


JimBobby said...

Whooee! Thanks for pointin' me at carfree. Some interestin' stuff there. There was a little bit on car culture over at Glenn Hubbers blog this mornin'.


Verbena-19 said...

Jenny, for your consistent excellence in commentary I pass along to you the E=Excellence award, which only one blogger can give to another. Thank you for providing this provocative, useful and ever enlightening blog.

You can read about it here:

Cheers, annamarie

Red Jenny said...

Thanks JimBobby for the link. Sorry it took me so long to respond!

And, Annamarie, I am honoured that you thought of me. Thanks!