Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Jesus Christ in legal battle to get license - Jesus Christ in legal battle to get license

But seriously, if Jesus did drive, would he be an SUV maniac? Would he drive a Prius? Maybe a minibus so all his apostles can fit? If you google it, you can find What Would Jesus Drive? a web site with the mission to show how transportation is a moral issue.

I like these WWJDrive guys already.

From their site: "We believe the Risen Lord Jesus cares about what we drive. Pollution from vehicles has a major impact on human health and the rest of God's creation. It contributes significantly to the threat of global warming. Our reliance on imported oil from unstable regions threatens peace and security. (See our Fact Sheets for more information.) Obeying Jesus in our transportation choices is one of the great Christian obligations and opportunities of the twenty-first century."

It remains to be seen whether mr. Jesus Christ can get his license, but if he does, I hope he drives a hybrid or chooses alternative transportation at least some of the time!

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