Thursday, July 14, 2005

In a warmed world, even food won't be as good for you

In this very interesting article, the author discusses how elevated levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide, increase crop yield, but also decrease the nutritional value of plants. He says that "impoverished people in developing countries who feed on this bounty may end up malnourished, or even starving."

This isn't necessarily new though, because since the green-revolution's increase in productivity due to nitrogen and other chemical fertilizers, more and more food is deficient in nutrients. He says that at least a third of the world is already lacking some nutrients because of this micronutrient-deficient diet. This deficiency is called "hidden hunger" and according to the World Bank, "hidden hunger is one of the most important causes of slowed economic development in the Third World."

With the heavy use of chemical fertilizers and the rising CO2 levels in the atmosphere, this condition is likely to only get worse. Read the scientific studies at Grist.

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