Thursday, March 16, 2006

Why Do People Vote Right-wing?

...the political appeal of Right-wing calls to order comes from society's anxiety for the ever-increasing possibility of catastrophic disorder. From the viewpoint of an isolated individual, it makes no difference if disorder is produced by another individual for random reasons, or by a progressive collective that does it as part of a political action. It does not matter if it is a criminal, a madman, a union striking, or an anti-capitalist group doing direct action: whenever there is fear of catastrophic disorder and of the dissolution of social bonds, Right-wing calls to order find a fertile soil. More

This is a thoughtful article that seeks to stop blaming or denigrating people who support what is obviously not in their best interests.

People actually aren't stupid and they generally seek to act rationally and make the best decisions for their particular circumstances. It drives me crazy when progressives talk about the "stupidity of the masses" etc.

In addition, there is a fair bit of psychological study in the scholarly and popular literature about why people are self-destructive. As an example, why do women stay with abusive men?

By understanding this, we can reduce our negative judgements on people, increase the compassion we like to think we feel as progressives, and learn best how to effect change individuals (without being condescending).

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sparkle hayter said...

The hard right and conservative factiosn certainly know this, and do everything they can to scare people into voting for them. How else could such a castastrophic presidency as Bush jr. result?