Thursday, April 19, 2007

Woman too smart to have put up with abuse

From the International Herald Tribune:
A Spanish judge has thrown out a woman's harassment suit against her ex-husband on the grounds she has a good education, arguing that had she really suffered abuse during their 16-year marriage she would have reported it right away or sought counseling.
He said he found it "surprising" that a woman with her level of education would put up with that alleged treatment for so many years without reporting it or seeing a psychiatrist, and "curious" that she is filing suit now, years after the marriage fell apart.
Rocio Mielgo, president of the Association of Victims of Sexual Aggression and Mistreatment, said the ruling is unacceptable because it suggests that only "if you are from a lower class or have little education can you be mistreated."

Three letters: WTF?


TomCat said...

If that judge were to move to the US, Bush would appoint him to the Federal bench here in a hot minute.

Anonymous said...

So I guess he's also saying that only dumb women get abused?

Wow. :x

Red Jenny said...

The scary thing is this Judge Jose Luis Chamorro is the head of a court specializing in gender violence cases.

Maybe he should brush up on his Feminism 101