Monday, September 03, 2007

Reloaded: Older Posts Worth Reading

Spent the last true day of summer over on Toronto Island. Now I'm sitting here, slightly sunburned, drinking a glass of raspberry wine (yum) and catching up on my reading. Definitely to check out... Reloaded: a carnival of older posts collected over at One Tenacious Baby Mama. I always like to find new bloggers to read, so this was a real treat.

Sunday 2, 2007

In addition to my post "The Good Life and The Economy" check out:

Mommy On The Floor's "The City On The Hill"

Second Waver's
"The Male Gaze, postscript"

Universal Plume's "It's Blog For Loving Yourself Day"

Seminalson's "I'm A Fragile Being: Touch In My Men's Group"

Risa's "You Want Cream In That?"

All About My Vagina's
"Please call it 'Sex Safety'"

Darkdaughta's "Race, Class and Everyday Shite", "Western Civilization...A History of Emotional Dysfunction", "My Daughter Wants A Barbie", "Mission Not Accomplished...Sort of"
and "Does He Wipe His Track Makin' Ass With Moist Towelettes?"
Reloaded will be happening every Sunday and if you have an old post you'd like to see recirculated, contact Dark Daughta.

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