Monday, November 05, 2007

Young Iraqis Blogging

From Sunshine, a 15 year old Iraqi girl:
Last night, I stayed awake, I am suffering from insomnia, there are a lot of things I think about, and most of the days I don't sleep immediately I spend an hour or two laying till I sleep, I walked towards the window and was watching the neighborhood, it was dark (the electricity was off), empty, and scary, like a ghost city, and I started to remember how crowded my neighborhood and it's street were, I am glad I didn’t forget that, anyway I came back to my bed and there was sound of far shelling, after an hour or two, mortars erupted from the neighborhood , and we heard 3 near by explosions..<more>

From A Star from Mosul, written by a young woman who is an engineering student:
When my cousin drives me, I feel the need to keep talking, I just hate the silence. But because of my deep depression, and to keep myself from crying, I didn't talk much this time.. I concentrated on the road, something I rarely do (I still haven't learned the way to my school, I can't get my brain to concentrate on roads at all). I couldn't believe all the wreckage on the way.. Building after building, destoyed, burnt.. Black signs announcing deaths.. Smoke from a new explosion. We had to stop few times to clear the road for the police or the Americans.
I asked my cousin about a destroyed building I haven't seen before, he said it was months ago.. I was shocked; I didn't ask about the ones that followed. <>more>

From Last of Iraqis, by a 25 year old dentist in Baghdad:
About 1,000,000 deaths and 1,500,000 Injured Iraqi civilians since the beginning of the war in 2003 , an estimation of 4,000,000 Iraqis have been displaced with 2,200,000 fled out of the country and the rest are refugees inside their own torn country (I believe the real number of Iraqis outside Iraq is greater than this).

Great numbers , right? a lot of zeros , a lot of grief and sadness , a lot of humiliation , a lot of black clothes , rivers of tears and many shocking stories , it's not just numbers . Just count all the people you knew throughout your life , not only the ones you talk to , but all the people you know, what their count will be?500 or may be 1000? let's say 1000. Can you imagine that all the people you know are only 0.1% of the civilian casualties in Iraq. <>more>

Of the Iraqi bloggers, there are not many left - many have stopped blogging, many have left Iraq, some still write from wherever they are. These three are still there. Via BBC.


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Dark Daughta said...

This reminds me of the diaries written by Jewish people during the Third Reich.

We're crying out against war. But what's happened is that their nation has been taken over and they are being massacred en fingers are just running...not saying anything you don't already know.

This links to our last exchange about the Democrats and the Republicans because they all know what's going on and I'm pretty certain that they're all getting their cut of the profits.

It is about profit, after all, not about the humanity of these dominated people.

The filthy lucre is not flowing directly to the amerikkkan public, but someone is getting the money and they're all too involved or too scared to do more than debate in circles.

Hilary knows, obama knows...they all know. It serves them. It's expedient.

This has been going on for years. Unless they see a financially lucrative reason for them to pull out, they will not.

The cost of this war is lining a few too many politicians' pockets and little girls in their teens can't sleep because of mortar fire outside their windows.


Red Jenny said...

In my more cynical moments I think that they know that the longer this goes on, the worse it gets, the harder it gets to get out of the mire. (Reminds me of the war of attrition waged on indigenous people in Canada - the more generations go by, the less of a claim indigenous people can make for rights, autonomy or special protections. The name of the game is to stall.) Pulling out the troops, leaving them there... at this point neither is going to solve the crisis in Iraq. I mean the occupation has to end, on principle if nothing else, but it is easy for them to make the argument that the worse it gets the more they need to stay. Soon there will be no Iraqis left in Iraq. Just a bunch of soldiers and security companies and the oil companies (who will import migrant workers).

Dark Daughta said...

"Just a bunch of soldiers and security companies and the oil companies (who will import migrant workers"

They don't need to kill them all. They just need to make sure that there aren't enough fighting stock left to block their plans.

They're fighting a war of terror. They're letting the people know what happens to people who fight. They're teaching the children that it is uncomfortable to fight, to resist.

If most of the adults are gone, they will become institutional, occupying parental force.

Game done.

And yes, I think this is what they attempted to do here on the lands they occupied.

It's the exact same process, only in the past public relations wasn't an I take that back. When they did this genocide, they said it was to save Native souls.

So, it's always for the good of the people they're massacring.

And, I don't think they're going to withdraw for principle's sake. This is assuming that they feel anything about what they've already done, about the amount of blood on their hands.

They so clearly don't.

P.S. Thanks for the heads up about my blog. Dunno what's happening there. Put in a call on the blogger group site. It's a waiting game. If you know of anyone who might be so inclined to help a blogger who works at being annoying and uncomfortable, please send them my way, thanks.