Sunday, December 30, 2007

Free Gear - Show your support and help get the word out is an important part of Canada's anti-war movement. You can read about their work here plays a crucial role in many campaigns, including preventing Canada from joining George W. Bush's "Star Wars" missile defence program. This important work could not be done without the help of our supporters. needs your help to sign up new activists. We are making available Gear; which include sign-up cards and pins that can be handed out to friends and family. Each completed sign-up card you send back to us is an additional person who will join us in taking action on key issues facing our country.

Please order your free Gear, which includes 25 sign-up cards and 3 pins today!

The pins are pretty snazzy.


ladybroadoak said...

OT: You are EXACTLY the sort of person my blog is aimed at! I've been an "activist" for forty years, seriously. I live up here in exile, having opened my mouth about Leonard Peltier and then getting it real bad from a certain US Senator and then Bill Clinton himself (of course, it's way more complicated than that, but you get the drill ...)

I hope you'll drop buy often AND anything you want crossposted - I can see we are of like mind - just let me know.

Also, check in with Amber at Her Ron Paul answer aside, she really cares and will find you REFRESHING.

I am a total fan of Confessions of an Economic Hitman - I wish everyone could read it. Knowing that you have gives me such HOPE. This new book, Nobodies, also looks like a clear winner. Shock Doctrine has its points (and I know where some of her material comes from!!) but they (she and Ari) are not suggesting SOLUTIONS or building a real movement, you and I must do that.

So funny - my old nickname used to be Red Gini back in the late 60's!!

Drop me a line, and we'll get a nice cuppa. You have much to teach me!!

May I put a link to your blog?


Red Jenny said...

Hello Red Gini. Thanks for the comment. I like your blogs too. Keep up the good work!