Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Canada's Banks: Accidentally not in Crisis Yet

From Rick Mercer

The National Post agrees:
Canadian banks – saved from stomping around as monoliths on a world stage backed by Canadian taxpayers -- are the least ugly in what can only be called a reverse beauty contest among banks.

You know how we used to laugh at the guy who keeps all his cash in a big old sock, or the woman who has all her savings under her mattress? Well, the risk-averse look pretty smart right about now. Phew! Thanks goodness the regulators saved the banks from themselves.


Anonymous said...

"Canada's banks are as solid as a relatively solid rock" true. I love his show, that's the one good side of this crisis, all the funny sketches Rick Mercer can make about it. Thanks for the post,


sooey said...

I suppose it's good to have actual proof that all the financial advice the banks have given out over the years is bad.