Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Solar Power in India/Wind Power in Africa

One of nine solar power stations replacing diesel generators on Sagur Island, West Bengal. Low carbon technologies allow this family and a new generation of local people to miss out on the pollution of 20th Century technology and its related health impacts.

Photo by Alex Webb.
It is not just in Ecocity that low carbon solutions are delivering an improved standard of living. This woman from Hluleka, one of the many remote, rural communities in South Africa, gets on with her day knowing she can look forward to a continuous electricity supply thanks to a combination of wind and solar power. Renewable energy is a cheap way of providing power for isolated communities.

From the amazing exhibit NorthSouthEastWest: A 360° View of Climate Change.

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jericbilo said...

Wow. She looks like she's happy that she'll be able to use her HDTV and Dishwasher at the same time!

Solar Power said...

And i think it's good for them, that it won't be a nuclear plant for example near their house. And it's good that there is a chance to build such solar power station in this isolated place.