Sunday, December 17, 2006

What Can I Do About the War in Afghanistan?

Most of us progressives are opposed to what Canada and NATO are doing in Afghanistan. But what can we do about it?

1. Let Canadians hear your voice. Write letters to the editor of your local paper (tips). Email important independent news articles and commentary to your friends and family. When you hear people offering uninformed support for the mission, challenge them. Ask if they know that The Northern Alliance (the supposed good guys) are just as violent and fundamentalist as the Taliban. Ask them why a civilian man, woman, or child killed is called a "Taliban" by the news?

2. Don't let the government forget there is an active opposition to our war in Afghanistan. Write to your MP. Remind them that it isn't enough to get our troops out - we helped to create this mess, we need to take some responsibility for fixing it. Sign the NDP's "Support our troops; Bring 'em home" petition.

3. Educate yourself. Like any country, Afghanistan has a long and complicated history, which is very relevant to what is happening today. Read independent media. Try to find out and understand what the Afghan people really want. Here's a good article to start.

4. Express solidarity with indigenous groups, like RAWA and The Afghan Women's Mission. The people in these organizations are courageous and are working their hardest - the least we can do is help them. Provide moral support, offer to fundraise , donate a few bucks. It will go a long way. Join Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan

More suggestions? Please add them in the comments section.

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Annamarie said...

Thanks, Jenny for spreading the word! Keep up the good work!
best regards,
Annamarie (verbena-19)