Wednesday, December 06, 2006

What Do Kids Think?

After all, it is they that will be inheriting the world we create.

According to UNICEF, "...the world would be a far better place if children's views were seriously and systematically taken into consideration, if children's participation as citizens and bearers of rights was encouraged and empowered." I agree.

Kidlink is an amazing participatory web site, which asks young people from around the world for their thoughts on important questions, such as How Do I Want The World To Be Better When I Grow Up? Their answers vary, but there are common themes. Overwhelmingly, they want peace, tolerance, justice, a clean world, health, and safety.

For example, an 11 year old girl from India says:
Say no to racism and intolerance.Trying to improve the lot of poor people andtrying to create a youth community that will take a strong stand against anyone starting the politics of hatred.
C'mon grownups. Why aren't we listening?

Kids have a lot to say, when they are simply given the forum. UNICEF has also conducted polls to find out what children think about issues that affect them. They have results of these polls for East Asia/Pacific, Europe/Central America, and Latin America.

Also, check out today's BBC's School Day (Download the 15ish minute mp3 here), in which they ask kids from Tanzania, India, and England their opinions on topics like school, marriage, and terrorism. Very well-spoken kids with lots to say. This programme is what inspired this post, and is worth a listen.

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