Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Is it Love Enough? Anti-War Video

Is Love Enough by Michael Franti and Spearhead
We want freedom of speech
But we all talking at the same time
We say we want peace
but nobody wants to change their own mind

So it goes on and on and on
For a thousand years
And it goes on and on and on
What language are your tears?

Everybody wants to live the life of kings and queens
But nobody wants to stay and plow the fields
Everybody wants to tell their neighbours how to live
But nobody wants to listen how they feel

Is Love enough - or could you love some more?

What mother nature gives
mankind refuses to let live
taking the universe in their own hands
short circuiting the positive
judging the negative
causing the most unusual circumstances
everyday we rise again
but our love will fight again
hoping that all hearts will receive our love token
Blessed words
we speak again lovely words to do me friend
for us to live
in this here garden of Eden

Is love enough?
What language do you laugh in?
What language do you cry in?
What language do you dance in, make romance in
What language do you make love in, or pray to the above in?
What language are your fears?
What language are your tears?

I just heard Spearhead is playing Toronto in July. I'm so excited!


TomCat said...

Excellent, RJ

Renegade Eye said...

Really excellent post.

Very good blog.