Friday, May 25, 2007

Save Money on Gas by Driving Less

Or you could just establish your global hegemony to secure foreign sources of petroleum.

Or you could vigorously oppose better fuel-efficiency requirements. (Via desmogblog)

It's always easier to blame the gas tax than to blame those who are really profiting, anyways. Good thing we are supporting North American Energy Security by guaranteeing our oil to a foreign country.


TomCat said...

That's part of the problem. The rest is that Big Oil has illegally colluded to limit refining capacity to hold supply down and thus increase prices and profits.

Red Jenny said...

See the part of this that is crazy is how the Canadian government is saying we need to support North American energy security. The reason it is crazy is because we would have no energy security problems if we didn't export so much of our oil to the US. So what they are really saying is we Canadians need to support our American buddies' energy security. Here's an article about that