Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Pro-Iraq-War Ads Featuring Wounded Soldiers

Lies, and manipulation.

Note: "We're dealing with the safety of our country, of our sacred United States of America."

She says she lost her husband to al-Quaeda. He died in Iraq. Most soldiers were killed by insurgents, Iraqis, certainly not al-Quaeda, who haven't been there for very long.

Note: "They attacked us, and they will again." This is simply false. Iraq did not attack America. Iraq was attacked by America.

Her son "sacrificed for their freedom". Yes, I'm sure the Iraqis are thankful for his sacrifice. I suppose it depends what one means by "freedom".

Via IraqSlogger, which is reporting that MSNBC and CNBC are refusing to air the ads. Of course, CNN and FOX are running them.


Chet Scoville said...

You know, I don't doubt these people's sincerity or their suffering. But they are living in an alternate reality, and I wish I knew how to snap them out of it.

Red Jenny said...

Agreed. Their suffering is also very sad. They are being used.