Friday, August 17, 2007

Visiting the East Coast

lighthouse in maritimes
Originally uploaded by liyen (Incognito till August 24th)

Trippin to Halifax and area, leavin' today. Likely this will be a 10 day blog break, barring visits to internet cafes. Everyone play nice while I'm gone and if you have suggestions about where I should go, leave 'em in the comments. :)


rich1107 said...

Halifax is my suggestion…I was there for a trade show and the people were the nicest I have ever met. Usually as a commercial interest at medical/scientific meeting you are treated as a pariah; not in Halifax. They went out of their way to make you feel welcome and included. Plus the pubs & music were great;) Have a great time and a cold one for the rest of us that a stuck slaving away in our cubes;)

thinking girl said...

Ah, if I'd only known you were coming to my town! I've been out of touch lately, sorry! I hope you're having a great time here. Of course, Peggy's Cove is great, and Mahone Bay. In Hali, go to the Lower Deck (on the waterfront by the casino) for some beers and Maritime hospitality and music. Check out Citadel Hill, it's historical and whatnot. lots of good restaurants - The Wooden Monkey is a favourite, all organic there, and Satisfaction Feast, a veg restaurant with yummy food for your tummy. email me if you want more info... askthinkinggirl (at) g mail (dot) com.

Anonymous said...

Hey There,
Long time reader and fan…
Have you seen this video yet? It’s so bizarre and I’m not sure if it’s legit. I know this is up your alley….
The website seems just as bizarre.
Charlene Provost

Dark Daughta said...

Okay, ten'll be back soon. I tagged you for a blog game, very banal stuff. So, when you come back, if the mood strikes you, feel free to come look me up and see what the game is about. Okay?

benjibopper said...

the wooden monkey is a great place to eat organic meals, veg and otherwise. nice laid back atmosphere, tasy, healthy, sustainable food. downtown halifax, grafton street i believe.

and of course, pizza corner is a must. and neptune theatre's worth a visit if you got the cash.

Red Jenny said...

Hello people. I was all over Nova Scotia (Halifax, Shelburne, Yarmouth, Digby, Grand Pre, Parrsboro...) and am now in PEI using a hotel computer. I was hoping to make it to Cape Breton but there won't be time, unfortunately. Will have to check it out another time. Thanks for the suggestions! I'm leaving for home Monday morning, so will be spending Sunday night in Halifax and will try to visit The Wooden Monkey. :)