Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Intrepid Explorer Returns, plus links about The Apology

As you may have noticed I have posted very little in the past few weeks. This is because I have been away exploring touristing the far reaches of the world Europe. Regular blog posting to resume shortly.

The big story today is the federal government's apology for the residential schools, and of course the disgusting remarks of Pierre Poilievre. This has been well covered both in the mainstream press and the blogosphere and I have nothing new to add, so I'll just list some good links.

The Toronto Star's coverage has been really good, with about 15 articles, plus videos. For instance: Why the apology matters to us all, Apology 'is not going to fix what happened', Native apology doesn't address grim reality, Apology alone cannot close a gaping wound.

Also check out Dawg's Blawg on the apology, TGB's It wasn't me! It wasn't me! and Stageleft's Apology Day. And don't miss the biting commentaries from Harper Valley (including her trademark graphics).

And on Pierre Poilievre, here's just a few select comments from Canadian Cynic, Scott Tribe, Liberal Catnip, and Just Another Willy Loman


scout said...

hey rj....thanks for the link! hope trekking, touristing, travelling, whatever you call it these days was the BEST .

wondering if it will take you time to phase back in to blogging, like myself when i return from voyages :D. still can't quite wrap my head around it.

Red Jenny said...

Thanks scout. I had a fantastic time. I do feel a little slow still. I'm definitely not that prolific right now. Well, fortunately there are no deadlines or schedules on my own blog.

Fuck said...



“On these reserves there is too much power concentrated in the hands of the leadership, and it makes you wonder where all of this money is going.

“We spend 10 billion dollars — 10 billion dollars — in annual spending this year alone now, that is an exceptional amount of money, and that is on top of all the resource revenue that goes to reserves that sit on petroleum products or sit on uranium mines, other things where companies have to pay them royalties.

“And that’s on top of all that money that they earn on their own reserves. That is an incredible amount of money.”

ANITA NEVILLE, Liberal aboriginal affairs critic:

“I invite him to take a tour of many of the First Nations communities in this country and see how people are living.”


“Pierre sounded like the old redneck hillbillies we used to make fun of in the old days. I think Pierre has done himself a great disservice . . . I think he’s damaged his career.”

TRANSLATIONS into Plain Old English:

ANITA NEVILLE, Liberal aboriginal affairs critic:

“Indians are living like animals in dire poverty, which means that some evil *******s are pocketing all that crazy moolah”


“Pierre sounded like the old poor dumb White folks who’d get red necks ‘cos they had to work out in the field all day like ********s, that we still make fun ‘cos we’re racist and class-obsessed and hate all rural and working class White pigs.”

Fuck said...


This is incredible!

An Indian who complains that he wasn't one of the lucky kids on the reserve who got to go to a residential school!

He must be a racist like Pierre P.!

Red Jenny said...

Gee, thanks for your enlightening comments.