Thursday, June 19, 2008

Jim Prentice lies about Digital Copyright on national radio, then hangs up

Oh my, this would have been hilarious, if it wasn't real. CBC's Search Engine finally got an interview (10 minutes promised, 10 8 minutes delivered) to ask some questions about the digital copyright. Cory Doctorow from Boing Boing sums it up nicely:
[Prentice] delivered nothing but spin and outright lies about his legislation and ended up hanging up on Jesse Brown, the interviewer.

You have to listen to this -- in it, the Minister lies, dodges, weaves and ducks around plain, simple questions like, "If the guy at my corner shop unlocks my phone, is he breaking the law?" and "If my grandfather breaks the DRM on his jazz CDs to put them on his iPod, does that break the law?" and the biggie, "All the 'freedoms' your law guarantees us can be overriden by DRM, right?" (Prentice's answer to this last one, "The market will take care of it," is absolutely priceless.)
It's crazy - he speaks slowly, hums and haws, ers and ummms, until the 10 less than 8 minutes are up. The big question is whether he doesn't understand his own bill or just doesn't want us to get it.
Jim Prentice unlocked - Listen for yourself (It's the first segment).

Some actual information about the bill. Join the Facebook group or check out the website Fair Copyright for Canadians


Beijing York said...

Yikes! Had I caught it live, I might have thrown my radio against the wall.

This Bill is still in the House, right?

Mark Francis said...

Prentice was on for less than 8 minutes.

Red Jenny said...

Beijing York - it hasn't passed yet. Hopefully it won't pass at all.

Thanks marc francis. I was never good with time. I fixed my post.

scout said...

that's prentice for ya....that's the cons.....that's a snippet of nazi canada folks. rouse!