Monday, July 09, 2007

Good Thing They Have Us

Cuz see, they can't do anything on their own. Pity the poor passive peeps in African/Muslim/Third World places. They need us to bomb them into peace/prosperity/equality/democracy.

An organized leadership push by Muslim women for Muslim women is taking place, quietly but purposefully... Muslim women, who will meet in Malaysia later this year, are pursuing a 10-year plan for advancing women's worldwide leadership within Islam. <Womens E-News>

Yup, they are just waiting there, hoping for bored and wealthy Westerners to come in and save them.
A Malawian teenager built a wind power system for his house... He now provides lighting for his parents' home, and battery charging for his neighbors. His blog (with pictures) is wonderful. <Boing Boing>

Yep, good thing they have us.


Anonymous said...


And very interesting!

Thanks for the links.

Larry Gambone said...

Great story about William and his windmill. Posted his blog on my own - with credit to you of course!

TomCat said...

Shhhhh!! If Bush finds out there will be bombs falling in Malasia.

two crows said...

how the hell they've gotten along without our interference all these years is beyond me.

oh, yeah, when Europe [where my family came from] was going through the witch hunts and the inquisition, the muslim world had the zero, azimuth, zenith, philosophy and culture far-and-away beyond Europe's. HELLO!!!

they helped Europe to emerge from medieval to renaissance -- and we drove them out of Spain -- after we'd already attacked em in their homeland.

I can't imagine why they might resent us.