Friday, July 06, 2007

HMOs Kill More Americans than Terrorists do! Why Aren't we Bombing Them?

In fact, not just HMOs, but the whole health care profession.

Next up: the War on Health. This war sponsored by Pfizer.

The war on Communism has been "won". The War on DrugsTM is busy filling jails at home. And now the War on TerrorTM may no longer be working to justify the vast military-industrial spending.

For some reason the war on peanuts never took off, but I think this one really has a shot.

We already have a backlash toward doctors because of the recent attempted London bombings. (Keep pushing the doctor aspect, see, because people might mistakenly think the detainments of Indian doctors has to do with their foreign-ness not their doctor-ness. We already have a war on foreigners. We are trying to start the war on health, people.) The foot soldiers in this war are already marching.

Post title shamelessly stolen from here.


Anonymous said...

I prefer to pick on drunk drivers when it comes to deadly threats facing a nation, and no action by the military to stop it.

The number of people killed by drunks last year in Canada must number in the hundreds or thousands, yet we don't have a single death in the last 5 years due to terrorism (that I'm aware of).

Red Jenny said...

Even just regular driving (the un-drunk kind) is pretty deadly. Perhaps we need a war on drivers.

TomCat said...

May I respectfully suggest a War on Politicians?

Eugene said...

That's a beautiful idea, Tomcat.

I'm flattered you shamelessly stole your title from my blag, Red Jenny. And thanks for your comments there.

I always tell people the two deadliest words you'll ever hear are, "Peace and Freedom." Peace and Freedom slaughter and oppress millions worldwide. Let's have a war on Peace and Freedom. hahahahaha

Red Jenny said...

Ooh, good ideas, all.

All these wars should keep us busy for a while.

TomCat said...

How about a war on ratings? My blog is rated R because of the repeated word "dick". In the interest of political correctness, we now have to favor impeaching Penis Cheney.

Unknown said...

Penis Cheney sounds like some kind of body jewellery.

BTW, I saw Sicko last night and I have to say it was Moore's best one yet. Engaging, and very emotional.

TomCat said...

Jen, you're invited to take the first snip for your necklace. ;-)

I agree it was great!

two crows said...

Penis Cheney--
what a mind picture that paints!