Thursday, March 08, 2007

Blog Against Sexism Day

Whew there have been a LOT of people Blogging Against Sexism Today.

Just a few notable posts:

  • Kate Sheppardreminds us how women's issues are deeply connected with environmental issues
  • Kuri has some interesting observations about power/authority/hyper-masculinity
  • A Liberal in DC notes Canada still has a long way to go in terms of gender parity in politics
  • All About Pamusement has an excellent post on the hypocrisy of the Harper government towards women
  • Sand Gets in my Eyes on women's struggles in Saudi Arabia (where she is currently living)
  • Brit Bravo blogs about CodePink - women against the war
  • tigtog offers up examples of some of the more insidious forms of sexism
  • The Road to Surfdom shows us a particularly nauseating example of sexism
  • Thinking Girl offers a thoughtful (and sad... and true...) post about the challenges facing women.
  • Polly Jones gives us the answer to all our childcare problems

Men blogging against sexism today:

And since we are blogging against sexism, I thought it appropriate to list some Women Bloggers I like, in no particular order:

Recently discovered blogs with women authors:

(There's lots, and many are indeed Canadian, despite Kinsella's "memo to Canada: WE NEED MORE SMART FEMALE BLOGGERS NOW!")

Lastly, don't forget to read The 33rd Carnival of Feminists

p.s. if I got anyone's gender wrong, please let me know in the comments. After all it is notoriously difficult to be sure about anything on the Internet

  • April Reign covers the death of Doris Anderson
  • Idealist Pragmatist offers up a video of Stephen Lewis on women's rights
  • Inside the Box: women of inspiration
  • An Arab Woman Blues brings us a message from "liberated Iraq"
  • Afghan Lord marks International Women’s Day by describing the suffering of Afghanistan’s women.
  • The Cylinder blogs about IWD in Palestine
  • Hope and Onions has an amazing "30 stories from 30 places, in order to demonstrate the breadth of women's experiences around the world". This will take some time to read, but is well worth it.


Anonymous said...


thanks for the linkup!

hmmm, maybe if more people didn't assume that everyone is american, we would discover that lots of great, smart bloggers are canadian. i know of a couple blogs who link me as american - despite that i have written numerous posts about canada.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link, Jenny! :)

I thought this Carnival of Feminists was really good, too.

Lori said...

Thanks for the link to Sand Gets in My Eyes. Even better, thanks for some great posts here and all the other great links on your site! Be safe - Lori

leftdog said...

This is a wonderful post and you have done the progressive community a real service by researching, writing and posting it. Thanks!

JJ said...

Ditto to thinking girl, sand, and kuri! Thanks for the link! Appreciate it.

JJ said...

Ditto to thinking girl, kuri, and sand. Great post and thanks for the link! Appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

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