Monday, March 26, 2007

Somalia & Oil

ZNet Commentary
Somalia: An Oily Cliché© March 25, 2007
By David Barouski
Today, it is a reflexive cliché to claim the United States (U.S.) is off on another oil-acquisition conquest anytime they invade an Arabic nation.

In the case of Somalia, the cliché may neverless be true.

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The Somali Government has been reinstalled in Mogadishu and though violence is constant in the city, the government has moved forward. Many of the cabinet members are dual citizens, with the majority coming from Canada. Others are former warlords.

The Deputy Prime Minister is Hussein Farah Aideed, the son of the late warlord Mohammed Farah Aideed. In contrast to his father, Hussein is actually a naturalized American citizen and a former U.S. Marine who served in the Gulf War. He even served as a U.S. emissary during Operation Restore Hope, where he met with his father several times.

Somalia - Another Resource War Dressed up as a "Clash of Civilizations" and Darfur as a Resource War


TomCat said...

Hiya RJ. While is clearly the principal reason for Bush's involvement there, it is also a strategic location for air and naval bases from which to control access to the Red Sea (and therefore the Suez Canal) and the Straights of Hormuz (and therefore the Persian Gulf.

Red Jenny said...

For sure. It is about resources and territory. The Horn of Africa is very strategic.

TomCat said...

Did you see the vid I posted a couple days ago of Gen. Wesley Clark exposing Dubya's plan, formulated right after 9/11/2001, to conquer five different countries?

Red Jenny said...

No, I missed that. I can't keep up with all the posts I want to read, and you are particularly prolific. I'll have to check it out though.

(If you make it back here soon, you could post a direct link to make it real easy for lazy old me)