Friday, March 16, 2007

On Hijabs' n Things

So now we have yet another controversy over what some women wear on their heads.

Makes me think of something I read a few days ago. Exerpted from Sand Gets in My Eyes:

The Biker and the Old Woman: A parable of the veil
An animal rights guy is walking down the street with a bucket of red paint when he passes a Hell’s Angel wearing colors and dressed in a full set of leathers.

“Hey Dude,” he says with a smile. “Nice chaps.”

A block later, that same animal rights guy passes a little old lady in a mink coat and throws the red paint on her.

“Animals died for you vanity!” he shouts.

The point of Butchie’s parable was that both the biker and the old lady were wearing animal products, but the activist knew better than to go after the big, macho male offender, choosing to go after the helpless, frail female one instead.

She goes on to quote William Bennet (yeah I know):
“To go after women donning their veils is to attack the problem at its weakest — and frankly, least important — link (again, when the veil is freely chosen). While Muslim women are being beaten, while honor killings are extant, and while mosques, universities, and madrassahs are fomenting actual terrorism, Muslim women assuming a dress code is not where our — or our allies’ — focus should be. Go after the men who do these things — that’s where the fight is.”

Geez, don't we have more important things to get upset about? Like women in miniskirts or something?


JimBobby said...

Whooee! JennyGal, yer talkin' sense. Alls they do when they force people t' take off their religious trappin's is make everybuddy see how intolerant they are.

I reckon Muslim women are mistreated just like other women. Other than the extreme cases, like the honour killin', I ain't heard too much sayin' Muslim women get beaten more than Baptists or Presbyterians. Maybe I ain't been listenin' in the right places.

The anti-hijab thing picks on women, no two ways, but it's mainly a pure an' simple anti-Muslim thing. If Muslim boys was wearin' a prayer hat fer soccer, they'd jump on that, too.

I liked yer fur coat story. There's plenty on that whole issue goin' on right now between Canada an' the Yerpeans wrt the seal hunt.


TomCat said...

RedJenny, the things people get upset about never ceases to amaze me. Politicians love to fuel emotional issues, because it distracts voters from things that matter.

PS - If you wear a miniskirt, I promise not to protest. ;-)

TomCat said...

RJ, just an FYI.... Your most recent article lacks a comments link.

Red Jenny said...

Thanks TC. I fixed it. Not sure why that happened...

TomCat said...

:-) YVW.