Saturday, January 26, 2008

Canadian F-word Blog Awards now accepting nominations

Know a good feminist blogger? Get thee to the Canadian F-Word Blog Awards and nominate her (or him).

Many Categories:
Best Canadian Feminist Blog
Best International Feminist Blog
Activist Blog
Environmental Blog
Entertainment Blog
Culture Blog
Group Blog
Individual Blog
Women of Colour -centered Blog
Reproductive Liberty Blog
Family Blog
Political Blog
Humour blog
Best Comment Thread
Most Poignant Comment
The "Why the fuck didn't I say that" comment
Best Snark Comment
Most Regressive "Progressive"
The Support Bro

Plus, if you donate to WISE, you can be entered into a contest to win these fabulous handcrafted tit pillows.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the promo, Red Jenny, and for participating! The nominations are pouring in, and there are some amazing blogs out there that I'd never seen before.

Red Jenny said...

No, thank you amazing peeps for putting it on!