Friday, January 04, 2008

This Week in Intelligence

And I don't meant the secret CIA kind - I mean the part of I.Q. that comes before "quotient".

It's been a busy week for intelligence.

To sum up:

Men don't like intelligent women. This is, of course, the fault of teh feminists. (We pencilled the plan in our agendas, right after "Destroy the Family".)

Also, Stupidity is the best defense against the left's pesky rationality

But of course, I shouldn't worry my pretty little head about all of this, because my pretty little head holds a pretty little brain, which due to its cute and womanly IQ cannot possibly think about anything but shoes and lipstick. But fortunately I was born in Canada, where we have a respectable "national IQ". That almost makes up for the fact of my womanhood. Because can you imagine if I was born in, say, Kenya or Rwanda? Not that I can draw that conclusion by myself. Being a woman and all.

Don't you just feel smarter already?

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Raphael Alexander said...

I don't understand the feminist inclination toward false self-deprecation. Disagreeing with feminists does not by logic extend the view that women aren't intelligent enough, or any other deficiency. I think it's been proven over the course of a millenia that women are equal to men if almost every way except physiologically [thank goodness for that]. And anyone who does imply that women don't have the requisite intellect is pretty much not worth the paper they're printed on.