Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Top Ten Most Underreported Humanitarian Stories of 2007

From Chechnya to the Central African Republic, from Sri Lanka to Zimbabwe, the countries and contexts highlighted by MSF on this year's list accounted for just 18 minutes of coverage on the three major U.S. television networks' nightly newscasts from January through November 2007.

For example:

Graciela and her family are a few of the millions of Colombians who have had to flee their homes to escape fighting between government, rebel, and paramilitary forces.

Armed groups fighting for territorial control have a stranglehold on many rural areas of Colombia, depriving civilians of access to health care by making roads impassable, forcibly conscripting children into militias, and murdering those suspected of collaborating with rivals.

See the top ten most underreported humanitarian stories of 2007 in Images and text.

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Frank Partisan said...

In Minneapolis the local labor federation, hired an exiled Colombian trade unionist, to work with the Steel Workers Union. His story is like other militant unionists there. He was labeled a FARC supporter, which is untrue.