Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Men, Women, Gay, Straight, Trans, Bi, Unisex - Everyone looks better in white lace see-through pants

The late 1960s were a time of throwing off the shackles of traditional societal gender norms, including the rules surrounding who could wear lace pants. Unisex clothing popped up on runways mid-decade, reaching suburban malls by the time today's ad appeared.

Wicked hot.
Via Torontoist
Happy Pride!


Unknown said...

what you mean, is everybody looks good in lace pants *Except* bfp. haha!!!!

Red Jenny said...

Ha, I love how they go from waist size 24 to 34. It's like: you can be any variation of any gender, but you can't have a 35 inch waist!

Despite their limitation for small peeps, I do think they are kind of hot. Take away the dude's nasty mustache and he's pretty sexy.

I'd be worried about would be the pubes poking through. I wonder what kind of undies one would wear with these. Any style consultants around who can advise me?