Sunday, June 03, 2007

White Woman's Burden

Baby Skylar
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is to breed.

After all, we must save guys like this from their fear of a yellow/brown/black planet. Poor guys, hunkered in their bunkers, circling the wagons. Everyone's out to get them, you know. Especially white middle class women who are underutilizing their god-given fertility.

Not that we haven't heard this all before, of course. Don't you know we have a fertility crisis! Beware the coming demographic shift! White women, start your hormones. It's babymaking time.

To read: So You Want Me to Breed? in the Tyee, and Family Values: Made in America on RH Reality Check

Warning: the following may be considered frightening to white wealthy hetero christian male bigots, and their supporters, who fear losing their privilege above all else.

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Anonymous said...

egads....not babies of colour!!! quick, get out the tax incentives for white couples to breed! end all caucasion abortions, make them illegal for whites only. kill the white girl babies!

oh , old white boys, you're days are numbered :)

Anonymous said...

Oh! I love these pictures!

White boys are outnumbered here in America numerically- just nobody has told them yet.

TomCat said...

May a white, heterosexual, male non-bigot express approval?

Thanks for the hat-tip.

Red Jenny said...

Hey TC, you're white hetero male nonbigotry is always welcome :)

Anonymous said...

We darker folk are definitely a concern.

The whites were pretty effective at wiping my particular shade of dark off the face of the planet. But they should have known that what goes around, comes around. And there is a huge, brown underclass in this country getting more fed up by the day. Eventually the pot will boil over, and the whites who refuse to acknowledge that times have changed are accelerating the temperature.

TomCat said...

Thanks RJ.

JR, I thought pirate was an occupation, not an ethnic group. ;-)

For me, I have opposed bigotry for so long that I don't think in ethnic terms. I think of friends as Marvin, Isabella, Stephanie, and Tim, without even considering that one is black, one is Hispanic, one is Caucasian, and one is Native American, or Inyan, as he calls himself. Sometimes I have to force myself to remember that the only reason I can be color blind is that I'm Caucasian. Our culture does not often allow other races that privilege.

Red Jenny said...

Our culture does not often allow other races that privilege.
Very good point, TC.

For another perspective, including a pretty apt critique of one of the articles I referenced, check out Polly's My Uterus Is Not Another Territory for Conquer and Exploitation

Kobayashi Maru said...

"I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

Beautiful babies--children of God, all of them. (I liked your butterfly palette post too.)

(From a middle-aged, "white", conservative, wealthy, hetero, American, Christian male.)

Dark Daughta said...

What gorgeous photos. Haven't spent so much of the past six years or so wading around online through picture after picture of white wimmin and their births and their newborns all looking suspiciously like fatty Winston Churchills :), these pics are refreshing, to say the least. Thanks.