Monday, June 25, 2007

This Blog is Rated R

Online Dating

This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words:

* bomb (3x)
* murder (2x)
* crap (1x)

Fuck. I've been found out.

Ok, so as a public service announcement, kids, you better get your parent or guardian to accompany you while you read my most dangerous ideas: perhaps Iraqis and Afghanis don't like it when we bomb them, war and capital punishment both bear a striking resemblance to murder, and there's something wrong with a world in which the working class must spend their meager earnings on crap they don't need but are programmed to think they want.

Via brownfemipower


Anonymous said...

R rating for crap?

What if you said

Holy crap that test was murder, but the guy sitting beside me was the bomb.

On the other hand maybe that shouldn't be seen by anyone. ;)

Peter Dodson said...

Wow - mine got a G rating and it's full of swear words. Weird.

JJ said...

Whoa -- my eyeballs just burned right out of their sockets...
*blindly gropes around for mouse to click the hell out of this den of iniquity*

Anonymous said...

I like your warning to the bots :)

Anyway, I got a G, I don't go much in for the potty mouth :-P

Red Jenny said...

My first "fuck" was in this post. I felt so inspired. They use pretty weird criteria. Now I'm an "r" because of the following:
bomb (5x) murder (4x) crap (3x) gay (2x) death (1x)

So, "gay" is grounds for an R rating, but "fuck" isn't?

TomCat said...

At this point, you might as well do a table dance and earn an X rating. Scheeesch! Censors. :-(

Chris Benjamin said...

does your rating go higher if i spew a stream of profanitites in the comment box or are you not held responsible for your readers?

Chris Benjamin said...

Gay?! Sweet fuckin jesus.