Monday, June 18, 2007

Not a Big Truck; Series of Tubes

Visitors to Tate Modern will be able to try out five giant slides that have been unveiled at the London gallery.

The largest of the spiralling slides is more than 55m (182ft) long and descends from the fifth floor of the venue.

Artist Carsten Holler said his work, Test Site, was a "playground for the body and the brain". He says slides can help combat mental health problems.

The slides are the seventh exhibit in the series commissioned for the gallery's Turbine Hall. <BBC>

See more on the exhibit here including lots of photos, and one of those 360° interactive thingies.

In other transportation news, Toronto guerilla cyclists are taking bike lanes into their own hands, spray painting bike lanes - now prettier in pink. Hot.


Polly Jones said...

That's a wicked exhibit.

I have be to the Tate once in my life ...ah, twice...I always see interesting prjects out of it online. The Tate is know to be cutting edge.

Yet, did you notice that this exhibit is part of a series sponsored by Unilever?

Kind of disturbing.

Red Jenny said...

We live in a sponsored world. This comment is sponsored by Buzz cola.

Polly Jones said...

Yep. But, I think there are still unsponsored spaces. This comment by an unfortunate, unsponsored blogger.

Anonymous said...

I visited the Tate Modern while in London late last fall and went down the s-l-i-d-e, IT IS FUN, FUN, FUN! one good rush.